By Julie Schneyer

The Scarsdale Inquirer

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The Edgemont School Foundation, which awards monetary grants that support and enhance the Edgemont School District’s curriculum, students and teachers, celebrated and looked back on a banner year at its annual fundraiser Tuesday, July 22, at Sunningdale Country Club. Andrew Falk and Steven Heinemann co-chaired the group this past year, and Falk will continue in 2014-15 with new co-chairman, Ellen Litt.

The event was a success, attended by approximately 90 people, including Edgemont High School principal Devan Ganeshanathan and Superintendent Victoria Kniewel. Cocktails, dinner and a jazz trio were all part of the festivities. Eve Brooks, one of the organization’s 14 board members, was in charge of organizing the event.

Dr. Kniewel addressed the group and praised the ESF, saying, “The foundation and the district work together well. Our mission and values are aligned. The district values the enhancement of an excellent Edgemont education in a fiscally responsible way through collaboration with all stakeholders and the foundation enhances the value of an Edgemont education. Examples of this excellent Edgemont education include high – level competencies in addition to strong content knowledge.”

This past year was a notable one for ESF, with accomplishments that included a $500,000 grant toward the five-year capital plan. The plan includes enhancements to school security, infrastructure repairs, and creation of a new multimedia lab and renovation of athletic fields. The grant is the largest ever awarded by the foundation. The foundation also raised $340,000 for the Jim San Marco Gymnasium, currently in the beginning stages of a large renovation. The school recently received state approval to start the work, which includes commitments from the school for a new roof and windows. Work begins this summer and will include a new floor, bleachers and partitions. “The foundation increased its commitment for this project by an additional $75,000 to fund physical education equipment and teaching aids to make the project a state of the art teaching facility,” said Falk, ESF co-chairman.

The organization’s logo went through a rebranding effort this year, with the help of graphic designer and Edgemont resident Lisa Feldman. “The logo selection, particularly the star, represents accomplishment, success and a bright future. The star was designed with kids in mind, but also applies to the foundation, which had a year with many significant accomplishments — and with a healthy and growing endowment, active board members and continued community support, the foundation is poised to continue to do great things in the future,” said Falk.

The Edgemont School Foundation was founded in 1993 and is trying to reach out to alumni with publication of its second annual alumni newsletter this summer. They completed their first alumni capital campaign and received a $1,000 donation from the class of 1964 reunion committee. (An article about the class of 1964’s reunion was published in the Inquirer July 11.)

Foundation board members are: Eve Brooks, Sheldon Glassman, Jonathan Kahn, Suzanne Kirsch, Ellen Litt, Dylan Pyne, Eric Selle, Henie Simon, Gary Stern, Beth Tomkiewicz, Eileen Westler and Gary Zimberg.

The organization’s logo also went through a rebranding effort this year.