“How exciting it is to know we are able to order so many new titles to ensure the richness of the new senior English course! We will incorporate Dr. Schlessinger’s [a college professor] probing lessons, offering an inspirational introduction to college-level studies.”

– Elizabeth Schutt, English Department Chair on Senior English Department grant

“My ninth grade French students have embraced our new bilingual communication project, communicating digitally with a school located in suburban Paris. The students are eagerly discussing topics with their French peers.”

– Laura Cantor, 9th grade French teacher on Language Arts Technology Grant

“Online access was extremely slow causing children to become restless and learning to be fragmented. Now, everything is much faster. Children stay engaged and on task and learning time is productive.”

– Regina DeNatale, Greenville Elementary School on Edgemont School Foundation funded wireless technology and network infrastructure grant

“The new auditorium sound and lighting system funded by Edgemont School Foundation is state of the art and has contributed immensely to the quality of our students’ performance in concerts and theater. We have also saved a lot of money in rental costs. The response has been tremendously enthusiastic!”

– Rick Cantatore, Teacher Leader for Fine and Performing Arts K-12

“The 5th and 6th grade children are once again participating in a valuable circus program, developing many extremely challenging skills. The community has come together to be a part of this great event since its inception in 2000.”

– Katie Degen, Lindsey Robinson, Sean Wood, and Kevin Youngs, Physical Education Dept. on Circus Arts grant

“The Edgemont School Foundation grant helped to extend the reach of our network… the investment in our wireless network has served as a bedrock for expanded district-wide access to Wi-Fi. This ‘jump-started’ technology expansion and improvements in later years.”

– Mike Curtin, Director of Curriculum and Instructional Technology