There was a charm and comfort in being part of a small close knit community. Whether it was hanging out at Michael’s, the Charcoal Pitt or the Candlelight, 6th grade camp, senior road painting day, the red doors of Greenville, the cupola atop Seely Place, or the high school breezeways, Edgemont alumni can recall many fond memories and unique experiences which makes up this special community! Sixty years after the first senior class graduated, Edgemont continues to be one of the top-rated school districts in Westchester and has consistently received national recognition as well.

However, maintaining this distinction is not without its challenges including rapidly changing technology, state mandates and tax-caps, and rising pension costs. For more than 20 years, the Edgemont School Foundation has committed to fund over $2.2 million toward programs and projects to ensure that the District can maintain its tradition of excellence. These incremental funds are directed towards resources that directly benefit our students outside of the traditional school budgets.

Most recently, we have developed a number of initiatives directed at Edgemont alumni to re-engage them in this valiant cause. The creation of an Alumni Directory, the fundraising effort for the Jim San Marco (’63) Gymnasium, and the publication of an annual Alumni Newsletter were all done with an eye towards getting people to re-connect with our hometown. “Once a Panther, always a Panther!”

Please join in on supporting the Edgemont School Foundation today by making a tax-deductible gift. Your support will allow the school foundation to work towards ensuring that current Edgemont students have the same incredible experience that we did when we were at Edgemont.