SCARSDALE, NY (May 6, 2015) – With training and oversight from the Greenburgh Nature Center, funding provided by a grant from Edgemont School Foundation (ESF) and support from The Moses Feldman Family Foundation, Edgemont schools have embarked upon a district-wide comprehensive waste reduction and recycling program. Students, staff, and administrators at Greenville, Seely and Edgemont Jr./Sr. High School will be separating their compostables, recycling and trash into new source separation stations in the cafeteria and teacher lounge. Uniform trash and recycling bins with clear signage will be placed throughout the schools. These new tools will allow Edgemont students to practice what they are learning in their classrooms about taking care of their environment and will reduce the schools’ waste headed for the incinerator by up to 75%.

“One of our strategic goals as a school district is to create authentic opportunities to foster students’ understanding of their roles as local and global citizens. Currently there are New York State laws requiring all schools to recycle. Soon we will be required to sort our food waste, too. Edgemont is fortunate to have this opportunity for oversight, training and funding. We will partner with our community resources to engage our students in an authentic expression of local and global citizenship to protect our environment and save tax dollars,” said Victoria Kniewel, Superintendent of the Edgemont School District.

Students in all grades, as well as faculty, administrators, janitorial staff, cafeteria personnel, food service staff and aides will be trained by the GNC to participate in the new source separation program. Green Teams comprised of teachers, staff and parents are being formed at each school and will also include Edgemont students who have taken the lead in promoting this program. The PTA and PTSA will have representatives on the Green Teams and will also be involved in reducing and/or improving packaging from outside vendors. The GNC will continue to be a resource for the Green Teams throughout the process.

In addition to the source separation systems and bins, the ESF grant will cover 3 new bottle-filling stations at the Jr./Sr. High School, as requested by Edgemont’s student groups including the Environmental Club, FoodSync, and the Student Government. This will help to reduce the number of plastic bottles the students purchase and consume each day.

Edgemont student leaders Zach Falk, Rachel Blume, Allie Rutter and David Scharf stated it perfectly – “When students recognize how they can contribute to their surroundings, they will be able to make a difference for the environment. The global trend to be more environmentally conscious is something that Edgemont wants to continue in our community. This initiative will enable students to further embody the values of the school that help shape them to become active contributors to society throughout their lives.”

About the Greenburgh Nature Center:
Established in 1975, the GNC is a 33-acre woodland preserve with trails, a pond, gardens, a playground, and outdoor animal exhibits. The Greenburgh Nature Center offers special programs for groups of all ages on a wide range of environmental topics, camps, and more. Its mission is to ignite passion, curiosity, and respect of the natural world. More than 80,000 community members visit the GNC each year. For more information:

About the Edgemont School Foundation:
Founded in 1993 by a group of concerned parents, school administrators and alumni, the Edgemont School Foundation through its endowment, awards monetary grants that support and enhance the Edgemont School District’s curriculum, its students, and its teachers. ESF’s endowment is funded primarily through private donations. For more information:

About the Moses Feldman Family Foundation:
This Foundation seeks to improve the lives of individuals and to protect the environment by supporting non-profit organizations that engage in these endeavors.

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