The Foundation will consider and award grants that enhance the educational experience ranging from Academic, Technology, Athletic, Arts and Infrastructure. Grants can span traditional to non-traditional educational modalities and seek funding for small to large initiatives. The Foundation will consider one-time projects, ongoing requirements, pilot programs, technology purchases and infrastructure enhancement.

The Foundation evaluates grants from a broad perspective and selects them based on a number of considerations with the most important criteria for funding being the following:

1. Does this grant enhance the educational experience? Education can be more than traditional academics and curriculum. The Foundation is willing to push the edge of traditional definitions and conventional wisdom in assessing grants.
• Please describe the activity and discuss the specific objectives such as its purpose, including the impact on curriculum and how it will enhance the overall educational experience.
• If the project is “new”, please discuss what experience you have with this project and what experience other colleagues or school districts have had.
• What do you hope to accomplish and why is this needed now?
• How does the grant align with The Foundation’s Mission of enhancing the value of an Edgemont education.

2. Does this grant reach an appropriate number of students? Grants typically fall across a number of dimensions – single or multiple classes, groups/activities, subjects, schools or grade(s) levels.
• Is the cost appropriate in relation to the impact?
• How many students or teachers would be involved with or benefit from the grant.

3. Is their sponsor support (Teacher, Department Chair and/or Administrator) sufficient to ensure success of the grant? Grants sponsored by a parent or community member must have school sponsorship as well. Experience has taught The Foundation that strong support from the people responsible for implementing the grant is key to success.

4. Is The Foundation the best source of funding for this grant? The Foundation is not a sponsor of last resort; it is the sponsor of best resort for grants. Is funding likely in the school budget or from another source? The Foundation will work independently and also together with any organization in considering a grant.

5. Will the grant have a deep or long impact on the educational experience?

To submit a grant application please use the grant application form by clicking on Grants Application from the Grants drop down menu. Please submit a separate grant proposal form for each grant request and also please indicate who at the school or district level has approved your grant request. Resubmission of a previous grant requests is acceptable.

All grant requests that have a technology component must be submitted to Michael Curtain for his approval before submission to The Foundation. Technology grants should include in detail, but not limited to, budget, technology concept, training requirements and the school’s infrastructure to support it.

All awards are discretionary.

After your application has been submitted, a member of Grants & Finance Committee may contact you to ask questions or to provide additional information and/or materials before review by the full board.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate contact the Grants & Finance Committee at