Scarsdale, New York (March 25, 2014) – The Edgemont School Foundation (the “Foundation”) announced today that it has pledged $500,000 to the District in support of its Five-Year Capital Facilities Plan, addressing the Edgemont School District’s critical need to upgrade facilities and infrastructure.

The Foundation’s Board of Directors strongly believes that the proposed capital improvements – including enhanced security and accessibility, repairs of infrastructure, a new multimedia lab as well as much needed renovation of athletic fields – are not only imperative, but also fit squarely within the Foundation’s mission to “ensure and enhance the value of an Edgemont education.” The Board said that these capital improvements will benefit every Edgemont student as well as the larger community for decades to come, which was a key factor in the Foundation’s decision.

According to Foundation Co-Chair Steven Heineman, “Our financial support for the capital improvements is easily our largest grant ever to the school district. Importantly, given the generous contributions from the hundreds of community members who support the Foundation each year and conservative estimates of returns on the Foundation’s investment portfolio, we expect to not only honor this fifteen year pledge, but to be in a position to continue to award grants going forward – without reducing the Foundation’s endowment.”

Dr. Victoria Kniewel, School Superintendent, thanked the Edgemont School Foundation, saying, “We are so grateful for the Foundation’s extremely generous pledge. The pledge not only represents a substantial financial commitment, it also clearly demonstrates the broad-based community support for this capital facilities initiative. A major component of a successful school district is a strong partnership with parents. In Edgemont, this partnership moves to an extraordinary level through the generosity of the School Foundation.”

Foundation Co-Chair Andrew Falk added, “We congratulate the Edgemont Board of Education for its leadership and vision at this critical juncture for Edgemont’s schools. We are very pleased to provide our support for this historic initiative and look forward to continuing to work the school board to ensure that the Edgemont School District – the very center of our community – maintains its tradition of excellence.”

About the Edgemont School Foundation:
Founded in 1993 by a group of concerned parents, school administrators and alumni, the Edgemont School Foundation (the “Foundation”), through its endowment, awards monetary grants that support and enhance the Edgemont School District’s curriculum, its students, and its teachers. ESF’s endowment is funded primarily through private donations. The Foundation is a fully qualified IRS 501(c)(3) not-for- profit charity. The Foundation has awarded approximately $2.0 million in grants to the District since inception. For more information, or to donate to the Foundation, visit our website at

Steven Heineman
ESF Co-Chair

Andrew Falk
ESF Co-Chair