Scarsdale, NY (October 12, 2015) – Keeping up with the times, technology changes rapidly and Edgemont is working diligently to stay on top. In addition to the wireless network and iPad initiative the Foundation has previously granted, we are excited to support our schools with the most recent initiative, Model Schools Plus. This grant will provide our schools with the professional learning and technological support to promote creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking, All-important facets in Edgemont’s strategic plan. The program will be instructed by the Lower Hudson Regional Information Center, LHRIC.

Studies have shown that effectiveness in technology goes hand in hand with professional development. Edgemont administrators and faculty are excited about bringing Google apps into the classroom. Groups of teachers were trained on how to develop projects using the Google Apps for Education software in the classroom. Teachers will learn how to develop projects that reflect the needs of their students. For example, Google Sheets can be used to gain shared understanding of theme in literature. Google Moderator can be used to brainstorm questions in preparation for a field trip, taking photos on the trip to answer these questions and then creating online montages documenting their work. The training will take place over a long period of time so that teachers will have the opportunity to apply, reflect and assess what they have learned. In addition, trainers will visit our classrooms to provide guidance and the teachers undergoing training collaborate with their colleagues about the experience.

For those of you that still have relatives or friends in the school district, ask a high school student to share a little bit about their use of Google Apps in the classroom. It’s amazing to see how “living documents” are created and used. Students are using Google Apps in their daily academic schedule. This grant is another example of how the Foundation supports professional development enhances our schools and keeps us cutting edge.