In this month of Thanksgiving, we want to thank you. Because of community members like you, over the more than 20 years that the Edgemont School Foundation (ESF) has been operating, we’ve been able to grant approximately $2.2 million to the school district for programs and projects that have improved the curriculum, modernized facilities, and enhanced the educational experience at all Edgemont schools. Here are some highlights from the 2015-2016 school year:

Model School Plus: “ESF continues to support teacher training and technology,” says Superintendent Victoria Kniewel. “ESF helped fund the Model School Plus professional development initiative, a program that seeks to help teachers integrate technology into every Edgemont classroom, such as the Google Apps for Education programs. ESF is a vital partner ensuring that our students and teachers stay on the cutting edge.”

Blanford Field: If you have seen the field, you know how great it looks! Gabi Falk, co-captain of the Varsity field hockey team explains why this improvement goes beyond aesthetics. “The field has given sports a whole new vibe at Edgemont,” she says. “It has attracted a lot of new fans. These crowds create a strong sense of unity which translates into better play on the field.”

Quaver’s Beyond Marvelous General Music Curriculum: This comprehensive program is revolutionizing the way technology is used in today’s music classroom. As Seely Place’s Mr. Peace says, “It’s an ideal approach to teaching music.”

Climbing Wall in the Jim San Marco Gymnasium: Physical Education teacher Ms. Saracino loves that the climbing wall allows students to challenge themselves outside their comfort level in a safe, controlled environment. She adds, “What’s so great is that students can pick their own personal goals, which allows for more opportunity for continued success.”

Every year, support of the Edgemont School Foundation makes opportunities and experiences like these possible for our students. To ensure that our schools remain best in class, we need your help. If you have given in the past, we appreciate your continued support. If you have not yet donated to ESF, we encourage you to begin supporting the community, our schools and our students with a tax-deductible gift today.

To donate please click the button below. Together we can provide the very best educational experience and a bright future for our students.

We wish you a happy Thanksgiving,

Adam Freidman

Ellen Litt