In 1998, Edgemont School Foundation sponsored the creation of the Edgemont Walkway which was graciously designed by architect Howard Cohen.  The walkway, currently located along the wall in the center of the campus outside the C building, consists of clay bricks which can be personalized to honor graduating seniors, alumni, faculty, administrators, class reunions and community leaders. The proceeds from the sale of personalized bricks help fund the Foundation’s grants to the schools.

Do you have a child graduating this year and looking for a lasting gift for your graduating senior?   Buying a personalized brick in honor of your new graduate is the perfect gift.  If you have other family members who have already graduated, why not consider honoring them with a brick as well? For family members who will be graduating in the future, you may want to consider buying an additional brick now in order to reserve a location next to another family member’s brick.

4×8 bricks can be purchased for $150 with 3 lines of text and 14 characters per line. (Limit 1 Name)


8×8 bricks can be purchased for $500 with 6 lines of text and 14 characters per line.


We look forward to seeing your brick on the Edgemont School Foundation Walkway!