Support the ESF this #GivingTuesday

Today is a day you might not be as familiar with – a day focused not on getting deals for your friends and family (and yourself), but to use your money for good.

The Tuesday after Thanksgiving has become known as #GivingTuesday. This #GivingTuesday the Edgemont School Foundation is excited to continue our involvement in the movement and hopes you will join along.

As we end our 25th year of supporting the Edgemont School District we are thankful for our past donors who have enabled us to grant over 2.2 million dollars to improve curriculum, modernized facilities, and enhanced the educational experience of all Edgemont students. Visit our website to learn more about the impact our donors have made over the past 25 years.

Please consider celebrating #GivingTuesday with us by joining us in making a gift to the Edgemont School Foundation today and by sharing on social media why you support ESF and encouraging others to join you in your support. Together we can ensure and enhance the Value of an Edgemont Education.

We wish you a happy holidays,

The Edgemont School Foundation Board of Directors

Newly Renovated E-Lab Opens in Conjunction with Professional Development

Reprinted with permission from the November 2017 Edgemont School District E-News Newsletter

Ask any group of parents with school-aged children to compare their own school experience to that of their children, and there’s no doubt you will quickly hear stories about life before cell phones and the Internet. You’ll surely hear about encyclopedias. But what you probably won’t hear from those parents is that their classrooms actually looked different from those that their kids still sit in today, a generation later. Desks in rows, teacher at the front, door closed to the rest of the school – this is the way classrooms have looked for as long as any of us can remember.

But that model, which stemmed from how factories were set up, is not necessarily in line with how our students learn today, or what will be expected of them as they pursue careers in the future. As Superintendent Victoria Kniewel explains, “We don’t know for which careers or which educational pathways beyond high school we educate our Edgemont students. We don’t know what their post-high school education will look like, nor where or how they will work to earn a living. What we do know is, if our students are capable communicators, collaborators, critical and creative thinkers, they will be well positioned for almost any future.”

The Edgemont School Foundation, in its unwavering commitment to working with our district to enrich and ensure the value of an Edgemont education through collaboration with teachers and administrators, agreed that redesigned, renovated learning spaces at EHS were one of the next essential steps in moving forward within the framework of our strategic goals. The ESF engaged Fielding Nair International, an architectural firm focused on innovative education design, and began the design process last year by meeting with students, teachers and administrators to discuss how spaces around the school could be upgraded to reflect and support an evolving model of teaching and learning.

On the EHS campus, the result is the E-Lab. Located in the E-building, the new collaborative space is being used by students and teachers at Edgemont Jr./Sr. High School. This is in addition to some collaborative spaces funded by the PTA in both elementary schools. The new spaces are not enough in and of themselves to transform instruction and learning. ESF and the school district have funded professional development opportunities led by Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs on the opening day of school and continuing with Dr. Jacobs and Jill Ackers-Clayton from the Fielding Nair International Learning Design Services team. The E-Lab features increased instructional space, flexible seating, a training center for teachers, a full set of Chromebooks, and interactive Promethean flat panel TVs.

The E-Lab’s true impact will come as this initial excitement translates into meaningful student engagement. Engagement through authentic learning and teacher development are at the heart of the Focus Forward/Strategic Goals created by the Edgemont community. The E-Lab is a wonderful addition to the Edgemont High School campus, and our teachers and students are ready to put it to use in meaningful, creative ways. As Jay Litman, a partner at Fielding Nair and an architect of the new innovative learning space at the high school, explains, “This is not redecorating. This is meaningful, purposeful architectural redesign in consonance with educational research and with student-learning as its focus.”

Help Us Exceed Our $100,000 Goal

Dear Edgemont Families, Alumni, Community and Friends,

Would you like to help “ensure and enhance the value of an Edgemont education?” That’s what you do when you support the Edgemont School Foundation. Since its founding in 1993, ESF has provided much-needed funding that has improved the curriculum, modernized facilities, and enhanced the educational experience of all Edgemont students. 

Some recent examples of ESF’s impact include:

  • Model School Plus – This initiative has firmly integrated technology into every Edgemont classroom, via the popular internet based Google Apps for Education, which streamlines assignments, boosts collaboration, and offers seamless communication between student and teacher.
  • Multi-media Lab – The new multi-media lab on our High School campus expands on its traditional capability to help cement students understanding and process of analog image making. With ESF’s support, this all Mac digital lab enhances capabilities for our students.
  • The E-Lab – We recently announced a $238,000 grant to modernize our school campus via the design and renovation of Edgemont’s first “collaborative learning space”. Located in the High School E-Building, this space provides a cutting-edge learning environment for teachers and students.

Superintendent Victoria Kniewel recognizes the critical importance of ESF, recently explaining, “Working in direct partnership with the administrators, teachers and the Board of Education, ESF’s contributions to our district are substantial. Recently, the ESF made the first of what will hopefully be a series of major grants to our schools as we work together to create innovative learning spaces through renovation and architectural redesign.”

Each year we ask for the support of the entire greater Edgemont community to help us continue enhancing the educational experience in Edgemont. If you have supported ESF in the past, thank you! We are truly grateful. We hope that all those committed to the success of Edgemont, our schools and our students will join us this year by supporting the Edgemont School Foundation and helping us exceed our $100,000 goal. We won’t be able to achieve this goal without your help.

With sincere thanks for your support,

     Adam Friedman                                    Ellen Litt

Edgemont School Foundation Co-Chairs
P.S. Another big thank you to our 2016-2017 donors!

Edgemont School Foundation to Host Event at Ridge Hill


The Edgemont School Foundation will host a fundraiser at the Ridge Hill Shopping Center on Sunday April 1st at noon. Residents are invited to private screenings of The Lorax and The Hunger Games and there will be discounted shopping, food and free parking. Proceeds will benefit the Edgemont School Foundation which works towards “ensuring and enhancing an Edgemont Education.” Tickets will go on sale in the next few weeks.

Edgemont School Foundation BBQ at Sunningdale

The Edgemont School Foundation (ESF) will hold its annual summer get-together on Tuesday, August 2nd. Everyone is invited to join their friends and neighbors to celebrating the schools and honor the ESF’s commitment to the Edgemont school system. The barbeque dinner/fundraiser will be held at Sunningdale Country Club on Underhill Road in Edgemont. The event will begin with cocktails at 7 pm. The proceeds from this event go directly to the ESF’s mission: “Ensuring and enhancing the value of an Edgemont Education.”

The ESF’s most recent grants were made possible by the very generous donations of the community. Addressing the Edgemont School District’s critical need to upgrade the computer network used by students and faculty, the ESF awarded a grant of $162,000 to the District in April of 2011. The grant, the largest ever by ESF, will fund a much-needed project to upgrade the computer network at all three schools by increasing the network’s speed tenfold and internet connectivity, migrating from an old network operating system to a new operating system that is more compatible with various applications, and retiring several antiquated servers. Work on the technology infrastructure project is expected to be completed over the summer so that all of the planned enhancements will be fully operational for the start of the 2011-2012 school year.

The grant expands upon previous grants of $72,785 and $118,000 awarded by ESF that funded the infrastructure for wireless technology in the Junior/Senior High School (March 2007) and both elementary schools (March 2010), essentially making the Edgemont School District a “wireless campus.” Since 2004, ESF has awarded the district more than $850,000 for a variety of projects and programs, including a state-of-the-art audio/visual system in the Junior/Senior High School auditorium, a new student information system for the District, elementary school playgrounds, Social Emotional Learning Parent Workshop, mobile computer science labs, a Junior/Senior High School Campus Garden and a 4th grade Narrative Dance Program.

ESF co-chairs Andrew Conway and Steven Heineman are excited for the summer get-together and hope many residents attend the great event. Invitations went out earlier this month to all residents. Tickets are $150 per person and additional donations are welcomed. The ESF is a not-for-profit corporation and all gifts are deductible to the full extent permitted by law.