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Star-AloneAfter several failed school budget referendums in the early 1990's, many Edgemonters desired a vehicle that could create and finance new and alternative school programs and maintain the District's tradition of excellence. Founded in 1993, Edgemont School Foundation, through its endowment, awards monetary grants that support and enhance the Edgemont School District's curriculum, students, and teachers. Since its inception, Edgemont School Foundation has granted over $2.2 Million to the Edgemont School District for programs that have improved the curriculum, modernized facilities, and enhanced the educational experience of all Edgemont students. Edgemont School Foundation is a fully qualified IRS 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charity. Learn more about Edgemont School Foundation. Learn More About Edgemont School Foundation



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Edgemont School Foundation Announces $500,000 Pledge in Support of District’s Five-Year Capital Facilities Plan

Scarsdale, New York – March 25, 2014 - The Edgemont School Foundation (the "Foundation") announced today that it has pledged $500,000 to the District in support of its Five-Year Capital Facilities Plan, addressing the Edgemont School District's critical need to upgrade facilities and infrastructure.

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"How exciting it is to know we are able to order so many new titles to ensure the richness of the new senior English course! We will incorporate Dr. Schlessinger's [a college professor] probing lessons, offering an inspirational introduction to college-level studies."

- Elizabeth Schutt, English Department Chair on Senior English Department grant

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Edgemont School Foundation iPad Initiative


ESF has awarded a grant of $89,000 to fund a district-wide iPad initiative, aiming to integrate mobile computing devices into all three of the Edgemont schools. » Read More

Model Schools Plus

Keeping up with the times, technology changes rapidly and Edgemont is working diligently to stay on top. In addition to the wireless network and iPad initiative the Foundation has previously granted, we are excited to support our schools with the most recent initiative, Model Schools Plus. » Read More